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EQT-backed Voltera launches into the skyrocketing EV charging market

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

Last week Voltera, provider of the full lifecycle infrastructure for e-charging vehicles, was officially launched. Backed with equity from EQT Infrastructure and parent company EdgeConneX, Voltera quietly launched on the scene as the latest entrant in the fast-evolving and demanding market for e-vehicle support (GlobalNewswire).

And they’re not alone. The whole e-charging supply chain is getting serious money from investors covering everything from slow-charging operators, software platform providers, installers, charging component manufacturers and wireless charging companies.

With over $4.8 billion in investment pumped into the industry this year alone (Bloomberg Hyperdrive) and expectations it could be in the hundreds of billions in the next two decades, investors are rallying hard to join the party. Considered one the most robust areas of clean energy, the electric car market has boomed since 2012 when the first real numbers were seen with 120,000 cars sold globally. Fast-forward 10 years and the number is a staggering 16.5 million e-vehicles on the road ( But with only a scant 1.5 million charging stations available worldwide, coupled with giant government grants, tax credits and funding to help plug the gap, it’s easy to see why investors are clamoring to get onboard.

Just this week, President Biden signed into law a record $369 billion investment in clean energy advancements as part of the US Inflation Reduction Act, which includes $3 billion alone in funding for zero-emission ports and technology (Washington Post).

What’s the catch? There isn’t much downside, as despite supply chain challenges and evolving battery technology, and Ford, Tesla and Rivian raising prices on the back of those issues, consumers remain undaunted with high demand expected to feed the industry taking it from $163 billion in 2020 to $824 billion by 2030 (PR Newswire Markets)

In the meantime, much-needed charging infrastructures will remain the focus of innovators, start-ups and investors hoping to ride shotgun with the meteoric rise of electric transport.

Kelli Wilks is Management Consultant at Spring CPO where she advises clients on procurement transformation, negotiation strategies, supplier performance and ESG priorities.

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