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Negotiation skills are at the center of improved climate action

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

The necessary marriage of Mediation and Sustainability.

One of the biggest challenges facing the UN's 2040 Net Zero target isn't the carbon - it's conflict: conflict over reduction in fossil fuels, conflict about the exploitation of children mining cobalt and other minerals for e-vehicles and computer batteries, resistance in changing manufacturing materials, disputes over reduced fishing lanes, it goes on...including the debate about the very existence of climate change.

Central to that is the need to have these difficult conversations. To authentically hear the other side. To validate the other's world view, to understand what they need to be successful or even to thrive as a community. Recently, we've seen a rise in efforts to bridge these disputes with mediation. As a legal mediator myself, this is welcome news and will aid difficult yet critical conversations to reach positive outcomes for all parties. It's not idealistic. It can be done.

One of the groups leading this challenge is Mediators Beyond Borders. You can read more about their projects here:

And there's an interesting online symposium next month being sponsored by the (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators) being held virtually across Miami, London and Singapore

If you're involved in ESG, CSR, sustainability or mediation - check out the above resources.


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Kelli Wilks is Management Consultant at Spring CPO where she advises clients on ESG priorities, procurement transformation, negotiation strategies, and supplier performance.


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