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What is a

Fractional CPO?

Since 2016, there's been a marked rise in Fractional CxO roles - well before COVID.  If we look at executive CMO roles as an example, Forbes cites access to executive strategies at a fixed price with"fast results" as the primary reason for the rapid growth amongst companies seeking executive advice.  A Fractional Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) is a senior procurement executive brought on board part-time, often for a handful of hours a month, to help companies plot transformations and to access higher-level procurement strategies all while saving organizations the high-cost of a full-time consultant or agency. 

Faster, more agile and cheaper than traditional consulting, a Fractional CPO gives you an executive experience, size-appropriate strategies and a sustainable roadmap where benefits are seen within 90 days,  all at a fraction of the cost.

COVID accelerated the shift from conventional working to more flexible working with more reliance on digital technology. With that change came new supply chain complexities requiring rapid responses from business owners.

In addition to seeing contraction in the marketplace, companies increasingly experienced impact to business operations due to poor supplier performance, deficient in-house data, slow reaction times or the inability to move personnel into position quickly enough.  During those tough times, businesses with a fractional CPO (or CPO-as-a Service) were able to access change strategies to flex and scale their operations faster and were thus better able to weather shifting needs of the marketplace for sustained earnings and return to growth.

Why hire us?

Over-stretched.  Over-burdened.  Stalled.​  Most of our clients come to us with these complaints, typically right at the point they're ready to scale.  Too many spinning plates,  overly-complex buying processes, supply chain issues, not enough time.  Sound familiar? 

Why hire us?  We know the power of focusing, our 90-day sprints get results, and we do simple better.

And because you get all of the benefits of an embedded CPO without the high cost, hiring delay or headcount sacrifice.

SPRING CPO is an international advisory agency passionately focused on the transformational development and long-term profitability of our client members. We save executives, and their businesses, time and money, and we achieve this through fast, Procurement-on-demand services, training, and consulting.  This includes:

  • Senior executive advice, strategic direction and critical insights of your core procurement function.

  • Rapid assessment of your structure, team, technologies, risk profiling, ESG & supplier strategy

  • Results-based blueprinting for your operational purchasing (P2P and S2P), strategic spend and best-return supplier KPIs

  • Immediate, confidential access with clear end points to coincide with your transformation program

  • Dedicated virtual client rooms for document sharing, audit checkpoints, and on-demand drop-in sessions 



SPRING CPO is an international executive advisory agency passionately focused on the transformational development and long-term profitability of our client members. We have over 20 years' cross-industry experience delivering measurable gains to multi-nationals in the US, Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Spain, Sweden, India, Kuala Lumpur, Sri Lanka and Australia. 

Our consulting includes hands-on acquisition, divestment and private equity due diligence and transformations.  


With over two decades leading multi-million transformational programs, driving fast-paced acquisition and divestment strategies while reducing supplier risk and raising profits, Kelli is a seasoned executive and negotiator with a track record supporting some of the biggest brands in the aviation, consulting, energy, media  and IT/IS sectors. 

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The Power of Good Advice

In the right hands, it's exponential

What We Do

How We Help

Adding a dedicated Chief Procurement Officer to your company isn’t feasible for many companies for many reasons. That doesn’t make the position any less important, though. That is why more and more companies are opting for a Fractional CPO to help them achieve their sourcing, supply chain and sustainability goals.

The idea of hiring a fractional executive is not new. Virtual CFOs, for example – pioneered by companies like Tatum and VCFO – have been around for nearly two decades. They bring incredible value to companies where having a full-time Chief Financial Officer wouldn’t make sense, either fiscally or even practically due to the typical scope of challenges needing attention. This is especially true for any executive roll in a start-up business.


At Spring CPO, we provide that same executive value - flexibly, on-demand -  for your procurement or supply chain needs.

With a Fractional CPO your company gets executive experience without the full-time cost. A Fractional CPO is a procurement executive who divides time between multiple clients, working with each a “fraction” of the time. They also cost a fraction of what a full-time CPO does, making it a perfect solution for many start-ups and SMEs.  What does it cover?


  • Running on 90-day sprints with a fixed set of meeting hours per month (starting with an initial knowledge gathering, sandbox/sharing session), weekly checkpoints, secure document/collateral review and on-demand drop-in sessions as needed (via a protected, confidential Slack or Teams channel provided by us).  

  • C-level advisory and thought leadership for executives seeking substantial long-lasting profitability or compliance competencies in a growing or stalled part of the business

  • Consultancy Partner for pre/post acquisitions to run in advance of, or alongside, the core transformation program or PE investment.


  • Start within a week, see 12- month (or shorter) roadmap results within 60-days, monitoring and KPIs by 90 days.

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